*Math Update* Customary Measurement Quizlet

Students can study the customary measurement conversions using the following quizlet.

Customary Measurement Quizlet


Math Reminder

From Mrs. Litke

Students in periods 1, 2, 3, & 7 should have all measurement conversions memorized for Thursday’s quiz.  We will make flashcards in class tomorrow.  Please use these flashcards and the “gallon garden” to study!

Gallon Garden

*Math Update* Internet Resources

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Today students on the Burgundy Team received their user names and passwords for a web-site called IXL.  This web-site offers unlimited math practice in thousands of skills that are aligned to the Common Core.  Students will use this web-site in school but they are strongly encouraged to use this web-site at home.

IXL parent letter

Students in periods 1, 2, 3, & 7 were also given usernames and passwords to access their math book on-line.  Follow this link to access the web-site.

Please let Mrs. Litke know if you have any questions regarding these web-sites.

*Math Update* week of 4/18-4/22

From Mrs. Litke:

Students in period 8 will have their Chapter 8 test on Thursday, April 21st.

Students in periods 1,2,3,& 7 will have their Chapter 6 test on Friday, April 22nd.

All students can use IXL to help review the topics in these particular chapters.  For students in period 1,2,3, & 7, I have uploaded a Google Doc in Google Classroom that outlines the particular sections in IXL that align with Chapter 6.    Please see me if you have any difficulty navigating the web-site.

*Math Update*

Students in periods 1, 2, 3, & 7 will have a math test Friday, March 4th on Chapter 3.

The topics on the test are:

1.) Rounding Decimals
2.) Adding Decimals (3-1)
3.) Subtracting Decimals (3-1)
4.) Estimating Products (3-2)
5.) Multiplying a Whole Number and a Decimals (3-3)
6.) Multiplying Decimals (3-4)
7.) Divide Multi-Digit Numbers (3-5)
8.) Estimate Quotients (3-6)
9.) Divide Decimals by Whole Numbers (3-7)
10.) Divide Decimals (3-8)

*Math Update* Chapter 2 Test – Tuesday, November 10th

Students in periods 1, 2, 3, & 7 will have a test on Chapter 2 Tuesday, November 10th.

The topics on the test are:

1.) Decimals & Fractions (2-1)

2.) Percents & Fractions (2-2)

3.) Percents & Decimals (2-3)

4.) Percents Greater than 100% and less than 1% (2-4)

5.) Compare & Order Fractions, Decimals, & Percents (2-5)

Students can use the following quizlet quiz to complete questions for lessons 1-4.  Students should use the flashcard mode.  This will allow a student to see the question, solve the problem on their own paper, & then check their answer by clicking to see the back of the card.