*Math Update*

Students in periods 1, 2, 3, & 7 will have a math test Friday, March 4th on Chapter 3.

The topics on the test are:

1.) Rounding Decimals
2.) Adding Decimals (3-1)
3.) Subtracting Decimals (3-1)
4.) Estimating Products (3-2)
5.) Multiplying a Whole Number and a Decimals (3-3)
6.) Multiplying Decimals (3-4)
7.) Divide Multi-Digit Numbers (3-5)
8.) Estimate Quotients (3-6)
9.) Divide Decimals by Whole Numbers (3-7)
10.) Divide Decimals (3-8)

*Greek Day* Friday, February 19th


chariot logo col ctr

On Friday, February 19th, sixth grade students will enjoy a Chariots of the Sun presentation, featuring Jeff Benoit.  This presentation is a one man show, enacting several Greek myths.  Students will be entertained and educated as they delight in Jeff Benoit’s ability to draw them into the skits ans suspend disbelief.  Later, students will return to homeroom to participate in various follow up activities.  This is always a fun day for the students.  Students will follow their normal schedule for periods 4-6, including lunch.

Greek Flag